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Power of Attorney

Légalisation/ Attestation

1. Documents must have to be signed by the Swiss Cantonal Government Office with name seal of the signatory

2. Notarized by authentic notary public in Switzerland

3. Original document

4. One set of photocopy

5. A forwarding/cover  letter from the concerned company/person mentioning the subject and brief explanation why it needs to be signed by the Mission

6. Make sure that the document will be used in Bangladesh or any Bangladeshi party/ individual involve with it

7. Receipt of fees

8. CHF 110/- per document/ signature (Foreign document)

9. CHF 22/- per document/ signature (Bangladeshi document)

10. Registered return envelop

11. Any lack of supporting papers, documents will be returned to it’s  destination  without attestation and the Mission will not take any responsibility for the consequences