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Attestation of Bangladeshi documents

How to Apply for Attestation:

Submit the original documents along with required documents to the Consular Section of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh in Geneva in person or by post. The documents originating in Bangladesh must first be attested by the authorised officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka meeting necessary requirements. Please note that the Permanent Mission does not attest content of the document, instead it attests the signature of the signatory.

Required documents:

1. A forwarding/cover letter/application from the concerned company/person mentioning the subject and brief explanation why the documents need to be attested by the Mission; 

2. One set of photocopy of the documents;

3. Proof of payment;

4. Self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring yellow slip on delivery) if the applicant desires to receive the document by post.

NOTE: Applicant's contact information, particularly, a reachable mobile number must be mentioned in the forwarding/cover letter/application.

Processing time:

At least five (05) working days. For emergency need, applicants may contact with the Permanent Mission. To find the contact details, please click here.

Collection in person:

A delivery time will be given during the submission of the documents and accordingly, the applicant can collect the documents personally. 

Collection by post:

If the applicant has already provided a return envelope (requiring yellow slip on delivery), the Permanent Mission will send the documents by post. 


CHF 22.00 per page/signature.

How to Make Payment:

To see how to make the payment, please click here.

Consular Service Hour:

To see our consular service hour, please click here.

Contact us:

To find our contact details, please click here.

Important Information:

1. Any lack of supporting papers, documents will be returned without attestation and the Permanent Mission will not take any responsibility for the consequences.

2. The Permanent Mission of Bangladesh is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in post.