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MRP data correction

Information Alteration/Correction in current MRP:

The Government of Bangladesh does not allow certain changes in MRP. In case of changes allowed by the Government, please check the requirements at this link.

If you are eligible to make any changes as per government rules, please make the application as follows:

How to Apply:

Submit the filled-in application form for alteration/correction of information in MRP enclosed with required documents to the Consular Section of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh in Geneva in person or by post. To find the form, please click here


Apply online using the link here. And, then submit the printed form enclosed with required documents to the Consular Section of the Permanent Mission in person or by post.

Please book an appointment with the Permanent Mission by sending an email at 'consular.geneva@mofa.gov.bd' for biometric data entry only if the applicant is between 6-15 years (for children between 6-15 years, physical appearance is required in all occasions).
Required Documents:

1. Copy of the filled-in MRP Application Form;

2. One (01) copy of recent passport size photograph of the applicant to be affixed on top of the 1st page. If the applicant is a child under the age of 15, two (02) copies of photos as well as parents’ photos are required to be affixed on the application form. In certain cases, either of the parents’ photos are accepted;

3. Photocopy of applicant's National ID Card or Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit number;

4. Photocopy of Swiss legitimation card;

5. Photocopies of information pages/ data pages of applicant’s existing Bangladesh MRP or the original passport;

6. Proof of payment;

7. Appropriate documents in support of the change. For change of profession as a technical expert i.e. Engineer, Physician, Legal Practitioner, Teacher, Driver etc. please attach a certified/attested copy of Educational/Professional certificate.

8. For change of Marital Status i.e. unmarried to married or married to divorced etc. Please attach a certified/attested copy of marriage/divorce certificate.

9. Self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring yellow slip on delivery) if the applicant desires to receive the passport by post.

NOTE: Applicant's contact information, particularly, a reachable mobile number must be mentioned in the application.

Processing Time:

1. For express/urgent payment: 20-25 working days

2. For regular payment:  30-35 working days

Collection in Person:

On receiving call from the Permanent Mission, the applicants may collect the new passports personally. The applicants are advised to bring along the old MRP as well as the 'Delivery Slip'. Both the new and the old MRPs will be handed over after necessary endorsement. 

Collection by Post:

If the applicant has already provided a return envelope (requiring yellow slip on delivery) and the old MRP in original with the application, the Permanent Mission will send both the new and old MRPs after necessary endorsement by post. 


1. Regular fee: CHF 110.00

2. Urgent fee: CHF 220.00

Fees for International Students:

1. Regular Fee: CHF 33.00

2. Urgent Fee: CHF 110.00

To avail the special rate for students, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

i. profession is mentioned as 'student' in their passports;

ii. have arrived in Switzerland from Bangladesh with valid student visa for the purpose of study;

iii. holds a valid student ID.

However, following professionals having met the above criteria will be excluded:

i. University Teachers/Researchers who are pursuing studies through Government scholarship or through funding support from the host Government or any other bilateral/multilateral sources; and 

ii. Students gainfully employed in Bangladesh or abroad and/ or sponsored by his/her own employer.

How to Make Payment:

To see how to make the payment, please click here.

Consular Service Hour:

To see our consular service hour, please click here.

Postal Address:

To find our contact details, please click here.

Important Information:

A 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN) or National Identity Card (NID) Number of the applicant is required for application. Those who do neither have NID card nor have done Birth Registration, may apply online for Birth Registration at the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh in Geneva. For details, please click here

Please note that the Permanent Mission is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in post.